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eBook: Twenty Major Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing mistakes have often been the cause of many businesses that have failed, both big and small. Anyone who has done Marketing 101 will be familiar with the Edsell car, and of course, who could forget the disastrous example of 'New Coke'?

As many as 60% of new businesses are reported to fail. While marketing is not the only factor responsible for small businesses not succeeding, it is one of the three key areas that management make common blunders in. Whether your business is just starting, struggling to succeed or is on the brink of achieving landmark success, you should not miss reading this eBook.

Twenty Major Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in Small business provides a critical checklist of the areas that all businesses should be addressing in their marketing plans.This short downloadable eBook is available in pdf and provides:

  • Twenty critical marketing areas to target during the planning phase in small business marketing, together with explanations of why these key decisions or oversights are problematic  
  • Detailed advice on how to avoid these key mistakes 
  • Resources and web links to pursue for further information or support.

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eBook Format: downloadable pdf

Twenty Major Marketing Mistakes has been written in easy-to-understand language that can be understood by anyone including business startups or novice website owners.

Written by small business marketing consultant, Anne-Marie Watson, this eBook provides practical advice based on the author's real-world experience in marketing and small business, and details how to avoid these common planning and implementation blunders.

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