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Guide: Picking the Right Website Supplier

'Picking the Right Website Supplier' is a Marketing Guide from Southside Marketing Solutions. Websites are a significant investment for any business but for a small business, it may be the largest amount of money ever spent on promotion. Choosing an appropriate website supplier for your business is an important step towards ensuring your website is successful and productive.

This downloadable Guide provides:

  • Ten clear steps to follow to ensure your decision of web supplier is the right choice for your business
  • Covers key areas such as graphics design, web services to look out for, how to brief a supplier 
  • Provides a handy checklist of critical things to review as you go through the process of choosing your supplier.

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Format: downloadable pdf file

Picking the Right Website Supplier' has been written in easy-to-understand language that can be understood by anyone including business startups, novice website owners or those that have no experience in website development.

Written by small business marketing consultant, Anne-Marie Watson, this guide provides practical advice based on real-world experience in dealing with website suppliers, and helps users identify potential pitfalls that the inexperienced business owner may otherwise be unaware of.

This eBook is supplied as a PDF format file. To read this eBook you will need to have ADOBE Reader

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You can download this for free from the ADOBE website  here.



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