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Marketing Advice Hotline

What is a Marketing Advice Hotline?

If your business would like to just ask our marketing consultants a few questions or get a bit of advice, then here is an easy way. A Marketing Advice Hotline is a service providing marketing advice by phone for short time sessions (15 mins each) that are very cost effective.Marketing advice is provided from one of our experienced consultants from Southside Marketing.

This is a low-cost yet convenient and easy way to:

1. Do some preliminary investigations into a marketing opportunity,

2. Ask about a specific problem that needs a marketing answer or

3. Pick the brains of an experienced Marketer through some well thought out questions.

Price: $15 per quarter hour (15 minute session)
Why would I use such a service?
Sometimes a small business doesn't always need a marketing consultant in a full capacity but would really like to just ask them a few questions or get a bit of advice. It may be that you are developing a plan or program and want to just ask some questions along the way, rather than pay for a full consultancy program.
What is involved?

An Advisor Hotline session is conducted over the phone (or by Skype) at an appointed time. At the time of booking, we will ask for some details about your business.

If you already know the questions you wish to ask beforehand, we provide you an opportunity to tell us at the time of booking. While this is obviously ideal, we can still work around it regardless.

However, to get the most out of the service, if you have some promotional material or program details for example: email, flier, a product or website, that you would like reviewed, then it would be best to send some information to the consultant beforehand.

Payment and Bookings

This is a pre-paid service available inquarter hour time blocks (15 minutes) normally between 7am-10pm EST, Monday - Friday. Out of hours calls can be arranged by appointment if requested. Once your order is processed, we will contact you by email to organize a time to talk. Then we ring you at the arranged time. If possible we call you via Skype to do a face-to-face call otherwise we can call you on any phone you nominate.

We recommend that you avoid sessions longer than 30 minutes. This is so you have time to go away and digest what has been discussed already and you can reformulate any questions needing further discussion, or add new questions to your list.

Payment is arranged prior to the consultation through payment online. Payment via other options, such as a money order, will need to be organized prior. Contact us to discuss.BOOK ONLINE NOW