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Marketing 4 Start Up Businesses

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I would recommend Anne-Marie as a Marketing Consultant. Her advice was honest, practical and insightful. She helped us work out what was working and not working for us, what to increase and where to go next with our
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I'm a Start Up Business - how can a Marketing Consultant Help me?

When you are just starting up a new business, either preparing ahead of time or going through the final steps, there may be several things a marketing consultant can do to help you. They can:

  • Help you work out whether a business idea is feasible from a marketing point of view.
  • Answer any burning questions you may have about preparing your Business Plan or Marketing Plan.
  • Help you work out pricing or promotional plans for the new product or service.
  • Review your Business or Marketing Plan to identify and gaps or weaknesses.


Critical Marketing Basics to get Right from the start!

Some of the specific areas we might check for include:

  • Have you priced your products or services in the best way possible?
  • Do you have an adequate amount of promotional activity to make an effective noise in your marketplace?
  • Do you have the right sort of objectives in place and will you be measuring performance against them?
  • What marketing strategy are you planning e.g. Do you have:
    • An effective positioning statement?
    • A sustainable competitive edge?
    • A well defined target audience?
  • How does your Marketing Mix (product/service benefits, pricing, promotion & distribution strategies) fit with your target audience.

These are just some of the things we can help you check are OK. These and other critical areas for marketing success are listed in our Basic Marketing Checklist (DOWNLOAD HERE).


What Sort of Service would suit my needs?


          Business Need                                                                 Recommended Solution                  

Ask a few specific 
questions or general advice

Advisor Hotline Service 

>More    or

E-Advisor Service 
Get a brief review of the 
'Marketing Health' of 
your business
Marketing Health CheckUp 
Review of your 
Marketing or Business plan
Marketing or Business Plan 

Audit Service


Detailed assistance with just 
one aspect of 
Marketing or Business plan
Marketing Manager-on-tap 



Review of your business
(existing or planned) 
in detail
Business Review Service