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Marketing Tips

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September 21, 2009

Marketing Tip No.6

Five basic Tips on ‘How to succeed online’:

      • Have a solid plan before you start: draw up a site map showing all levels and links planned. 
      • Make sure you can reach anywhere in the site in 3 clicks or less.
      • Make sure each of your pages are fast loading i.e. take 3 secs or less. 
      • Put critical information on the front page-don't make it hard to find.
      • Make your design easy on the eye and easy to read by picking the right fonts. Basic fonts are the best!

September 14, 2009

Marketing Tip No.5

Five basic Tips on communication:

      • Speak to your audience in terms they understand. Use their own language to describe the problem you are going to solve for them.
      • Don't make your copy generic - personalise it to reach your target customers specifically
      • Have a tagline that says what your business does - what your promise is. It should appear everywhere your brand name does.
      • For headings be brief. Less words mean more cut-through. Use action words and be bold but not offensive!
      • Make your communication likeable by using humour-everyone likes to smile...

September 7, 2009

Marketing Tip No.4

Five basic Branding Tips:

        • Make sure your logo and other details e.g. website address are printed clearly and legibly for impact on all business materials.
        • Use the same colour and image standards in all places to maintain consistency of your business image and build recognition.
        • Only use communication mediums and materials that add positively to your brand image and reinforce your positioning.
        • Develop a standard of what values your brand stands for. Only do activities that reinforce the values, avoid conflicting activities.
        • Make sure your brand values and positioning are reinforced at all points where customers contact your business.

August 31, 2009

Marketing Tip No.3

Five basic Tips on Building Customer relationships:

        • Study customer habits and know them very well.
        • Ask your customers personally how your business can improve? They will like being asked for their opinion.
        • Get one of your customers to help design your next product or service.
        • Always be open and honest. Admit when you stuff up. Customers respect honesty.
        • Make amends to any customer you have wornged (whether inadvertently or not). Integrity rules in customer relations.

August 24, 2009

Marketing Tip No.2

Five basic Tips to Build your Profile:

        • Write articles for trade magazines and online publications
        • Get involved in a local charity
        • Sponsor a local sporting team or community activity
        • Appear at local fetes or street fairs
        • Get involved with your local school - fundraising, local advertising and sponsorships

August 17, 2009

Marketing Tip No.1

Five basic Tips on Staying Ahead of the pack

  • Study trends in social and economic areas
  • Watch out for chaning trends between generations e.g. Baby Boomers and Generation Y
  • Read newspapers, TV and online news to keep abreast of consumer sentiment about topical issues and research that is published
  • Read trade magazines, trade press releases to understand competitors and suppliers.
  • Ask suppliers for advice - they may spot a market gap opportunity that you have missed.




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