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February 1, 2012

Online is a good way to reach affluent customers

Affluent consumers, constitute a large market. The market is defined as those consumers with a $100,000 or more in yearly household income.Their heavy use of the internet and mobile devices makes them a tempting target for digital marketing efforts.

Internet usage is nearly universal among affluents, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) “Affluent Consumers in a Digital World” study, with 98% of them going online. (The Pew Internet & American Life Project last August put the figure for internet usage among all US adults at 78%.) Affluents far surpassed the general population in average amount of time spent online per week, at 26.2 hours vs. 21.7 hours. By contrast, affluents spent less time watching TV—17.6 hours per week, on average, vs. 34 hours for the general population. With their extensive use of the internet and mobile technologies, affluent consumers are exposed to a great deal of digital advertising. Brands that target this audience are betting affluents find ads in those venues engaging. Surveys indicate that some kinds of digital ads are more likely than others to make that bet pay off, including email ads, sponsored websites from search results and ads that are highly relevant to what a person is doing at the moment, as well as those tied to demographic characteristics.


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