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January 10, 2012

Online Site Registrations driving away users

The task of registering for online use at websites may be more onerous than many website developers realize. In a survey released in January 2012 by Janrain, 54% of consumers say they may leave a website or do not return when presented with registration requirements, while a further 6% say they will leave or avoid the site. the study also reported that 26% of consumers will go to a different site, if possible, representing a 53% increase from 17% of respondents who responded the same way the previous year. Similarly, the proportion saying they will complete registration dropped 44% from 25% to 14%.

In fact, 90% of consumers say they have left a website when they forgot their login information, rather than recovering that information. A similar proportion say they have given incomplete or incorrect information when creating a new account at a website.

Data from “Consumer Perceptions of Online Registration and Social Login” indicates that 77% of consumers believe that websites should offer them the opportunity to use a social network identity to speed up registration, representing an 17% rise from 66% in last year's survey.

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