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January 18, 2012

Tablets users spend more in online tranasactions vs others

A study by Adobe Digital Marketing Insights, based on more than 16 billion transactions, found that tablet visitors to online retail sites spent more than 50% more per purchase than did smartphone visitors and more than 20% more per purchase than did traditional desktop and laptop visitors.The findings indicate that there may be a sharp line of demarcation for an emerging online shopping category: tablet-optimized sites versus others. As a result, Digital Marketing Insights asserts that the current “one-size-fits all” approach to mobile-optimized sites for all mobile devices, including smartphones, will be ineffective when compared with sites optimized for tablet visitors.

Just 12% of the Internet population own tablets, some 28 million consumers,according to the Online Publishers Association (OPA). Tablet owners tend to come from households with above-average incomes, and the low price of tablets in relation to traditional computers is likely to pave the way for rapid creation of an ever-growing tablet-owner population.

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